Blocked pipes & drains

We carry out pipe clearance and cleaning

Examples of which include:

    • Sewage build up
    • Root cutting and removal
    • Grease and fat removal
    • Scale and encrustation
    • Cast iron pipe de-scaling
    • Debris and silt clearance
    • Builders and construction debris
    • Cement
    • Tile grout and plaster
    • Foreign obstructions etc
    • Failed liners or excess lining material
    • Pipe intrusions, defective connections

We can clean pipework ranging from 35mm to 300mm, using water jetting techniques, hand held mechanical springs for smaller diameters and large mechanical milling machines for the larger as each situation dictates. We use Picote milling machines which have been introduced and developed over the last few years to fill a requirement to enable effective cleaning without the use of water and pressure. These units are also very good at grinding and descaling particularly in cast iron pipes.

We have various other methods which are tried and tested and over the years have succeeded in retrieving several awkward removable obstructions from drainage systems, preventing huge costs to the owners.

We can clean and clear obstructions in above or below ground pipework, either internally or externally to a property. For example from basins, sinks or baths to manholes, gullies, stacks or a main sewer.

If any pipe is blocked or partially obstructed we have the knowledge and equipment to investigate and resolve it.

MG Drainage Ltd can assist you with any of the following:

High or low pressure jetting of drains and pipes for cleaning and clearance.

We clear blocked above and below ground foul pipes, drains, gullies, manholes, interceptor traps, Buchan traps, syphons, anti-flood valves, cess pits, culverts, septic tanks, catch pits, surface water channels (SW), ACO / linear channels, petrol interceptors and tumblers.

We can remove fat and grease build up, oil, root ingress, tap roots, mass root growth, failed liners and excess lining materials, scale and encrustation and builders debris such as cement, concrete, plaster, paint and tile grout. We can remove and retrieve foreign items or obstructions for example rods, spring rods, jetting hoses and nozzles, stones, shingle, all forms of ‘wipe’ material (baby, make up, sanitary etc), paper hand towels, nappies, rodding eye caps, drain bungs, bricks, wood, metal, cables, pipework and fittings, items of clothing, mobile phones, knives, cups, keys, wallets, purses, rings, credit cards, toilet rim fresheners and toys.

Mechanical Cleaning

Mechanical Milling Equipment / Picote Machines

Jetting Equipment, Vehicle Mounted

Jetting Equipment, Portable

Jetting Works Example 1

Jetting Works Example 2

Jetting Works Example 3. Grease and Fat Build Up

Jetting Works Example 4. Scale Build-up and General Debris

Jetting Works Example 5. Build-up of Wipes Removed