Pipe Levelling, Testing & Location

We can carry out pipe levelling surveys (laser and optical) to check and determine gradients on existing or proposed lines. This can also be applied to surface levels.

We can trace and locate the position and depth of most below ground drain lines using the latest sonde and tracing equipment. This type of service can be invaluable when considering excavation work to determine the exact area of works. It can also prove any other below ground services that may have an affect on any proposed route.

Drainage and above ground pipework testing by water or CCTV can be catered for. Air and smoke tests are not something we advocate or get involved with as generally we have found they can be time consuming and the results can be inconclusive.

We can advise on any requirements that you may have with relation to above and below ground drainage pipework. Add-ons to existing systems, re-design considerations or new installations.

MG Drainage Ltd can assist you with any of the following:

  • Laser level pipe surveys to check gradients on existing or proposed drainage systems and prove drainage falls or available levels.
  • Air, water, smoke testing and drainage flow characteristics.
  • Water testing and drainage flow characteristics.
  • Location and detection services for drains and pipes, service pipes and cables electronically.
  • Herringbone drainage, land drainage, rain water harvesting and storage.

Levelling Survey Works