Sewer access work

Our operatives are confined space trained and fully competent to carry out safe man entry to main sewers, subject to Water & Sewage Companies (WASC) / Water Authority approval where required. We have all relevant equipment necessary, for example tripods, winch, BA escape sets, forced ventilation etc.

Such entries are high risk and the main priority is of course safety and control. Considerations have to be given to obtaining the appropriate approval, a safe means of entry and escape and also the load and chances of a sudden increased load during rain.

Sewer access could be required for numerous reasons including freeing of seized sewer flaps, connection investigation and condition surveys or even aiding cleaning or assisting in lining installations.

Each case is considered individually, please contact us with your requirements.

MG Drainage Ltd can assist you with any aspects of sewer works.

Confined space trained operatives providing safe man access to sewers utilising tripod and winch, safety lines, remote communications, gas monitors and BA escape sets.

Local and Trunk sewer entry subject to Water Authority Councils approval.

Sewer cleaning, inspection, tracing, condition reports and investigation surveys.

Sewer Access Works

Sewer Access Works: Defective connection left debris within sewer and affected flow