Stone, Building Cleaning

We can jet wash and clean brickwork from stone fascias to patios, drives or shop fronts and canopies using hot or cold water jetting and appropriate chemicals if required.

Jet washing to external floor tiles, concrete imprinted, paving slabs or crazy paved drives, tarmac and asphalt surfaces. Even wooden decked areas can be cleaned.

Traffic film can stain shop or building fronts, even an overflowing pipe can leave stain and scale streaks down the side of buildings and look unsightly.

Stone generally deteriorates in colour and appearance through age and harsh weather conditions etc and jet washing can restore the appearance improving the look. Care has to be taken not to destroy the natural protection that stone offers and this is always considered when undertaking such works. Protective coatings can be applied to restore the waterproof characteristics of most materials once any cleaning has been completed.

Access must usually be via a scaffold or tower for safety and the most economic method would be to complete the works during any planned building refurbishment, therefore reducing the overall cost.

MG Drainage Ltd can assist you with any of the following: Hot and cold cleaning of brickwork, stone fascia’s, shop fronts, canopies, wooden decking to remove traffic film, weather damage, bird excrement and staining. Sand blasting can also be utilised where appropriate.

Stone, Building Cleaning Works