Surface cleaning

We can clean driveways and patios as well as roads and carriageways…. to improve the general appearance or for example to clean up after an oil or fuel spill. Sometimes this can be involved because polluted liquids or materials must be prevented from entering drainage systems and the water course.

Stains can look unsightly on patios and if algae forms this will make a lot of surfaces slippery, which is very dangerous on steps and walkways.

We use hot and cold water techniques, spray lances or rotating brushes aided by chemicals where necessary, although the majority of time just using water will suffice.

MG Drainage Ltd can assist you with any aspects of surface cleaning including: hot and cold jet washing to external floor tiles, patios, walkways, pavements, roads, slabs, block paving, asphalt, concrete, tarmac, stone fascias, steps, driveways and buildings. Removal of traffic film or road spillages and clean up; petrol, diesel and oils.

Surface Cleaning Works