Tankers & liquid disposal

Often described as sludge gulpers, gully emptiers and vacuum tankers.

We provide an emptying and waste disposal service, using several companies that we have a good working relationship with. This lends us to be able to offer joint expertise in liquid waste disposal removing sewage and hazardous waste. We have a rapid response time for emergencies.

This can involve cleaning and emptying:

  • Septic tanks / cesspits
  • Sewage pump pits
  • Petrol interceptors
  • Estate road gullies
  • Catch pits
  • Culverts etc
  • Large flooded areas

Confined space trained operatives.

We work in conjunction with the tanker services to ensure requirements are met. Set ups can sometimes be involved when working with deep lifts or extended runs from tanker to empty points. All liquids and waste are disposed of at registered sites.

MG Drainage Ltd can assist you with the emptying of any of the following; septic tanks, cess pits, sewage pump pits, soakaways, gullies, culverts, petrol interceptors, drains, manholes and pipes. Liquid, sludge and polluted waste removal, transfer and disposal

Tankers and Liquid Disposal Works

Example: Build-up of wipe material and sanitary items removed from a main line serving a large residential estate