We can undertake various excavation requirements, mechanical or manual from removing and replacing defective pipework sections to installing new. We provide gully and interceptor trap replacement, add-ons to existing systems, manhole cover replacement and chamber and benching repairs. All re-surfacing to match existing is carried out on completion and all spoil and debris will be removed from site.

Typical examples are replacing worn, corroded or damaged manhole covers. Original covers were usually cast iron and over the years they can fracture and corrode, making them unsafe, trip hazards or no longer sealed. Manhole covers these days are far more superior having better design and are available as cast iron, steel, non-slip, solid top or infill to accept tiles or other surface finish materials. Commonly single or double seal to prevent the escape of odours.

Becoming more common these days due to our now more frequent ‘freak’ weather conditions is the installation of anti-flood or non-return valves, which prevent and protect properties against surcharging from the main sewer. We have several choices of valve that we approve of and can advise based on each circumstance. Please refer to our separate sub heading under services titled ‘ANTI-FLOOD VALVES’.

Images below: removal of a non-accessible Buchan trap and replacement with an interceptor trap, a manhole chamber was then constructed to allow future access for cleaning etc.

MG Drainage Ltd can assist you with any of the following: mechanical, manual and hand dug excavations. Replacements of defective or broken pipework, gully, interceptor trap, Buchan trap, syphon, reverse interceptor trap, petrol interceptors, ACO channel, SW channel, Eureka Trunk Valve, catch pit, soakaway, cess pit, septic tank, tumblers, drop pipes. Manhole cover, chamber, slipper and benching installation, replacement, repairs or re-construction. Installation of non-return valves, Forge valves, anti-flood valves, Kessell anti-flood valves. Rainwater harvesting, attenuation pits, rain water harvesting and storage. Herringbone and land drainage.

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