Graffiti Removal

Graffiti has always been a particular problem and will continue to be a concern. In particular rude or offensive markings will get our immediate attention. It’s best removed as soon as possible to prevent the paint from soaking into the material it has been applied to, particularly stone and porous surfaces.

We provide a removal service using various chemicals as dictated by the surface material and hot or cold wash rinses. The top paint coat can usually be removed fairly easily, this generally leaves a ‘shadow’ which in a porous material is where the markings have soaked through. This needs chemicals to be applied to penetrate in the same way and draw out the remaining stain. Sand blasting can also be used in the correct circumstances.

We can also pre-coat most surfaces to provide a barrier that will not allow paint or sprays to soak into the material. This means that any treated areas that do get attacked can be washed off quickly and effectively.

We take great care not to harm any fixtures and fittings around the area to be cleaned and the property will be left as we found it once complete, obviously minus the graffiti.

Contact us for your specific requirements and we will be able to advise accordingly.

MG Drainage Ltd can assist you with any aspect of graffiti markings including; removal, preventative treatment, hot and cold jet washing, sand blasting, advice on stains, marks, damage and clearance.

Graffiti Removal Works